Video on how to clean silver jewellery the eco-friendly way, fast on your stove.

Hi every one,

So below was my facebook post on 23 January 2018. Thank you for your overwhelming requests. And yes, who doesn’t have dirty silver jewellery?

Is your jewellery looking dirty? Don’t know how to clean it? Looking for a more eco-friendly way to clean that silver…

Posted by Charli Design Studio on Monday, 22 January 2018


Why is your silver jewellery going black?

Well there could be a few reasons.

It is a chemical reaction caused by coming into contact with sulfur or hydogen. It is called tarnish.

So what am I saying? Some peoples skin is high in acid and will turn the silver black, but for the rest of us it’s a little more simple. Take off your jewellery when swimming or cleaning the house.  Products like jik, dosmestos and handy andy will leave that beautiful piece of jewellery grey.

So now I have to make a video! So here we go …

First of all a word of caution.

This is for silver jewellery ONLY! Cubics can mostly take the heat of boiling water, but your semi-precious CAN NOT! I will include an table (below) of stones and how to clean them. Diamonds are harder but also prefer love to being ruffed. And believe it or not – brass can be cleaned with tomato sauce, but more on that another day.


So now get that dirty silver jewellery out and let us clean it! There are so many different receipts from vinegar, salt and bicarbonate of soda to harch chemicals.  I like the simplistic options and always the fastest, don’t you?


So here is the video I took for you



Charli Design Studio has jewellery available that is tarnish free.  So i could not clean any of the pieces I have made as they all still shiny.

Hope this helps you to clean that silvery jewellery.

Thank you for watching




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