If your birthday is in February we would like to wish you a very happy birthday.

Amethyst is your stone.

This is what it looks like in its natural form.  It is a variety of quartz. It mostly comes from Brazil. It was believed that this crystal would protect the person wearing it from becoming drunk.

Its is the birthstone of the Pisces and the gemstone for the 6th year of marriage.

Polished it looks a lot different and is a very popular stone in jewellery today.

Amethyst is a very versatile stone and comes in various forms, beads, cabs or faceted.

We have a few amethysts in stock, here are some.

I found this about people born in the month of love

Here is some more information if you are interested.

We hope you have a great birthday

Amethyst: Meaning, Properties and Powers







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