Happy birthday if your birthday falls in June.

Traditional birthstone charts has given way for more moderen stones and new ones are added as popularity changes. So for June they have added a Alexandrite, it is a rare and a very diffrent gem, because this one is color changing. It turns from bluish green in daylight to purplish red in in incandescent light. It was first discovered in 1830 in Russia. It is now found in East Africa, Brazil and Sri Lanka. It is discribed as a “emerald by day, and a ruby by night”. This gem has been listed as a 55th wedding anniversary stone (if any of us are lucky enough).

So what does it look like

If you would like to read more on this stone you can go look at https://www.gia.edu/alexandrite

So I was saying that birthstones change as stones popularity change. The 15th to 20th century the birthstones for your month was Cat’s eye, Turquoise and Agate. In 1912 it was changed to Pearl and Moonstone. And to make matters more confusing there are alternative charts for every birthstone.

Here is your list with a reference of where to go look if you interested. www.bernardine.com/birthstone/all-birthstones.htm

Modern birthstone – Pearl, Moonstone

Traditional birthstone – Alexandrite

Mystical birthstone – Moonstone

Ayurvedic birthstone – Pearl

Arabic birthstone – Agate, Chalcedony, Pearl

Hebrew birthstone – Emerald

Hindu birthstone – Pearl

Italian birthstone – Emerald

Polish birthstone – Agate, Chalcedony

Roman birthstone – Emerald

Russian birthstone – Agate, Chalcedony

and to make matters worse there are Zodiac signs to consider

Astrological birthstone for Cancer – Emerald, Moonstone, Pearl, Ruby

Planetary stones – Moonstone

Talismanic stones – Sapphire

so if you are as confused as we are, just choose a color stone you like and start from there. Good luck.


But overall it is Moonstone and Pearl that is seen as your birthstone.  Pearl is seen as a gemstone, but does not come out the earth like the other gems. It is a spontaneous and rare occurance that happens in the wild. Well it use to be, today we farm pearls and culture them, they use to be so rare that people made imitations. Wikipedia has a nice description of what it is, colors and shapes https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pearl. Kate is often seen wearing pearls.



Moonstones come in diffrent colors with diffrent color changing abilies. The stones meaning is “new beginnings”, www.charmsoflight.com/moonstones describes it as:”a stone of inner growth and sttrenght. It smoothes emotional instability and stress, and stabilies the emotions, providing calmness. Moonstone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success and good fortune in love and business matters”

So on that note I think I need a moonstone ring. lol Happy birthday hope you have a great day


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