Hello everybody, my name is Charlotte. I am the eldest daughter of a school teacher (deceased) and a lecturer in mechanical and electrical engineering (retired). I have two sisters with standard electric fence lives – 1 and 2 kids, husbands, 9 – 5 jobs. I am the odd ball in the family of literal thinkers.

I have never been married and never had kids of my own. I did raise someone else’s though.

I ran a forklift company and as men do not meet with women in that industry the nickname Charli was a way around it, and it stuck.

At the age of 36 I decided I needed to let my creative side have a turn and went to study Jewellery design and manufacturing. I still study on a daily base as this is a ever changing industry. And this is how Charli Design Studio was born in 2011

Why am I telling you this?

Well I think my literal and creative sides have met to create a new concept.

Something never seen before! (Yes I googled it and could not find it any where in the world – how small the world has become)

What if I told you, you will no longer have to decide if you want a ring or pendant. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Please let me explain. I have found a way to create multiple uses for one beautiful piece. So far I have designed a way to wear one piece as a ring or pendant. If left to long with this drawing board I might just find a way to include a bangle and brooch.

Keep watching this page for all the new exciting developments.

Thank you for spending time with me.

I would appreciate comment if this would be an option for you? I know I’m excited about it.

I wish you a great day


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